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You may remember our previous post about how to pull off a pink tie. Tien Son offers not only ties, but other pink accessories, so here are some more tips about how to wear them:

Pink is bold and confident, and so will you be if you
integrate it into your wardrobe.
Never wear a patterned pink tie with a patterned shirt or heavily patterned suit, or you might risk looking like a clown/hobo. Sometimes mixing patterns is a fun, edgy way to spice up an outfit, but if you're already rocking pink, there's no reason to go overboard.

If wearing pink accessories, avoid other highly saturated, warm colors, such as red and yellow, as well as heavy earth tones, like dark brown.

Pink will look especially good on you if you have a tan complexion. If you're pale, you might want to try less saturated, pastel pinks, and complement it with light earth tones or grays.

This rosy, flattering color is by no means purely feminine. If in doubt, just think of Elvis's pink Cadillac.

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