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Non-traditional weddings are becoming more and more popular this decade, and 2012 is no different. Just as brides are beginning to integrate unconventional colors and styles into their wedding gowns, many grooms are opting for decidedly less formal suits than in the past, favoring lounge suits over dinner suits, and self-expression over canon. Here are some trends to consider for this fall:

Skinny Ties
Weddings are now more about showing who you are.
The general trend for menswear in 2012 is close-fitting and slim, so naturally the tie has to be skinny as well to balance the look. A sharp, black skinny tie is the perfect accessory for the young, hip groom.

Sophisticated subtlety is also in this fall, and nothing says this like a perfectly composed monochromatic look. Just be sure to consult an expert when coordinating pieces in the same color scheme, because the nuances in tone and contrast can be hard to master.

The modern double-breasted suit has a very different silhouette from the overly-long, boxy look of the 1980s. The new jacket is fitted in the waist, and much shorter, granting the wearer a longer, leaner figure. It has to stay buttoned, so it's a perfect trend to try in the cooler weather.

Green materials are easier than ever to come by. If being a friend to the environment is a priority for you, try a suit made of hemp or organic cotton.

If anybody can help you show off your individuality, it's Tien Son. Our starting combo price for a tux/suit, vest, shirt, cufflinks, tie/bowtie, and socks is $600, and we're also offering an Extended Family Package, including suits, videography, and photography services. Finally, the groom's suit is always free with the purchase of at least five suits for groomsmen.

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