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Understandably, when assembling an outfit, the focus is usually on coordinating the suit with the shirt and tie. Any accessories other than shoes are typically a mere afterthought even though they have the potential to majorly raise your style caliber. Instead of picking out any old belt or watch and slapping it on, take the time to consider these tips:

The Belt

1) Don't shy away from logo belt buckles if every other component of your outfit is sleek, modern and streamlined (e.g. black, fitted suit, white shirt, and dark, subtle tie). Flashing a subtle D&G can earn you a few style points.

Try a patriotic look for the 4th of July by complementing
a red-white and blue shirt with a blue belt.
2) Black and brown aren't your only options. Consider coordinating your belt with your shirt. Just make sure it doesn't clash with your shoes.

3) Make sure your belt is big enough for the loops, but not so big that they're stretched out.

4) Insert the belt through the left-side loops first so that the tip is facing your left when it's buckled.

The Watch

1) While digital watches are easy to read and often have a lot of cool gadgets, it's best not to wear them to the office. Mechanical is much more sophisticated and timeless.

2) For that matter, avoid "fun" watches with cartoon characters or distracting alarms. The last thing you want is for your watch to look like it came out of a cereal box.

3) Quartz movements are often less expensive than mechanical ones, but if you can afford it, go for the kind of craftsmanship that produces mechanical movements.

4) Leather or metal is fine - it depends on your preference. But don't get gold unless you're willing to shell out the money for solid. Gold plating is easily damaged and can show the metal underneath if it's scratched or dented.

5) You want something unique, especially if you're going to shell out a lot of cash, but it's best to avoid trends and stick with timeless, subtle looks instead.

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