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Whether it's the influence of reality TV shows like Bridezillas and Four Weddings, or the huge influx of wedding blogs and Pinterest accounts, weddings have become more about the bride than ever before, and the groom is easily forgotten among the wedding party.

There are, however, plenty of unique and subtle ways to set the groom apart, like having him wear a tux/suit that is only one or two features apart from those of the groomsmen. For instance, dress your groomsmen in white dinner jackets while the groom wears a black tuxedo, or switch up the lapel, plain for the groomsmen and satin for the groom. The tie leaves plenty of opportunities for variation in color and style. For example, if your wedding's colors are dominantly blue with accents of silver, the groomsmen can wear blue ties (the main color), while the groom can wear a silver tie (the more rare accent color).

You can also play around with the boutonniere (the flower worn on the jacket lapel). It's important to wear flowers in the same color family for a formal, uniform look, so try two or three blossoms for the groom's boutonniere and only one for the groomsmen, or the groom could sport a fully bloomed flower while the groomsmen wear buds.

Whatever technique you use, nothing will set a groom apart from the crowd like a perfect, custom fit. Visit us at the Traveling Tailor Suit Sale on August 25 and 26 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Hampton Inn so you can browse our fabric collection, discuss customization options with our tailor, and have your measurements taken for free. You can also bring in a suit you already own for fitting suggestions at no charge to you.

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