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she's worth more than a rented tux.
Although not as formal as the wedding ceremony, the rehearsal dinner is nevertheless an important moment for a bride and groom, and dressing well should be a priority for any groomsman. Often it isn't necessary to wear a full suit, but there's no reason why you shouldn't have fun with your look this season. The rehearsal dinner is the perfect occasion to show off some of your individual style before having to wear identical tuxedos.

Nothing makes a statement like a bold splash of color, so try something new, like a highly saturated coral blazer. There's also nothing wrong with ties with fun patterns, so feel free to experiment there. Just make sure the look is balanced with neutral colors elsewhere in the outfit. For instance, anchor a fierce tie with an understated, navy blazer. A slim-fitted pair of cotton chinos with a cotton blazer in another neutral color make a great sporty look that's just formal enough for a nice dinner. Just add a splash of color with a bright pocket square if things get too drab.

Tien Son is offering a few great specials during wedding season, including a combo price on a tux/suit, vest, shirt, cufflinks, tie/bowtie, and socks (prices start at $600). We're also offering an Extended Family Package, including suits, videography, and photography services. And the groom's suit is always free with the purchase of at least five suits for groomsmen. Remember: Nobody does weddings like Tien Son.

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