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After shelling out for a custom-tailored suit, the last thing you want to do is fail to take care of it properly. Learn how to preserve its quality and make it last as long as possible with these tips:

1) Avoid frequent dry cleaning
Unless your suit needs some serious stain removal, maintain it with wet cleaning and a suit brush. Frequent dry cleaning exposes your suit to harsh chemicals, ruining its color and shape. Dry clean only once a year, or twice at the most. If your suit becomes wrinkled, many dry cleaners offer cheap pressing services. If it gets smoky, let it air out on a cool day. Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Don't let your best suit get worn out from improper care.
2) Prevent unnecessary stretching
Carrying everything in your suit pocket can stretch out the pocket itself and weigh down the jacket, causing it to lose shape. Keep your bulky belongings in a briefcase or messenger bag instead. Also try to remember to unbutton your jacket and pull your pants up at the knees slightly when you sit to minimize stretching in these areas.

3) No flimsy hangers
No wire hangers. Ever. Wire hangers can ruin the shoulders of your jacket, leaving permanent dimples in the fabric. Instead, use a sturdy wooden hanger, and don't hang it too close to other clothes so it can breathe. On that note...

4) Let it breathe
Store a seasonal suit in a breathable bag so it won't get musty or moldy. Plastic is a bad choice because it not only isn't breathable - over time it emits fumes that can weaken suit fibers and, you guessed it, cause your suit to lose its shape.

5) Reinforce it
To even further extend the life of your suit, you can add a dab of clear nail polish to each button to keep them more securely attached by strengthening the thread, and you can prevent pilling and tearing from friction by adding a crotch liner to your suit pants.

If your suit is tailored to fit your body, you'll want to make sure it stays that way for many years. Keep these tips in mind and get the best value from your purchase.

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