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Tien Son Family Tailor Network

In the last 54 Hours our team, including a few new team members, have pounded away at building our new Family Tailor Network. What this me...

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Tien Son Start Up Weekend Evansville

Tien Son is involved in Start Up Weekend Evansville with our plan to extend our network of Family Tailors across the Midwest! You can l...

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Kickstarter Project Update

As of tonight we have raised over 25% of our $20k goal - that's $5,462 from 23 backers! According to Kickstarter, 81% of projects that...

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TS Virtual Tailor™ Kickstarter Project

Our Kickstarter project became live at 7 p.m. last night, and as of today we are just over 5% of the way to our goal of $20 thousand! Mos...

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