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The Right Suit for My Body Type

You may have been chivvying up choices for suits for long. Admit it, suits fascinate men like few other things and a well-chosen suit has a dramatic effect on men. However, if you make a wrong choice, you can end up looking frumpy and like a bit of an oddball. 

The four body types
The correct men's suits for your body type

Now, generally speaking, there are four body types: The tall guy, short guy, heavy guy and muscular guy. Everyone subjectively falls and fits into one of the four descriptions. Of course, there is the average guy, but we will keep him out of this discussion for convenience.

The logic while choosing suits is to create a right balance. Think of how well-arranged stuff, minimalist settings and vertical stripes make a small room appear big. That is called striking a balance. So, let’s shoot.

1. Suits For Taller Guys

Now, the struggle with tall guys is that tall men naturally appear more slim and should I say it, sometimes lanky. Thus, their suits should add width to their appearance. A two-button suit paired with a 4 or 5 button vest will help break up the torso area. As displayed in the picture above,  this double breasted vest sits higher on the torso than the jacket does, which assists in providing a shorter appearance. Adding cuffs to the pants will help divide the length of the lower body up visually, thus creating a shorter appearance. Avoiding pinstripes will help tremendously, and seeking out either traditional solid men's suits or patterned suits such as glen plaids and prince of wales will help widen the tall and slim body type. 

2. Suits For Shorter Guys

Chalk Stripe suits are great for shorter men

It is easy to infer that the dynamics for the shorter guy would be the exact opposite of suits meant for taller guys. The lapels should be high and buttons should be cut low; a low-button stance offers an illusion of height. Also a fully-buttoned suit gives the shorter  guy more gravity. Pinstripe and chalk stripe suits are great choices for the shorter man. 

3. Suits For Heavy Guys

Men's Suits for Heavy Guys

Heavy guys generally wish for the suit to mask their curves and will end up purchasing larger sizes to do so. Please don't do this! Buying a suit larger than you need will make you appear more boxy and look disheveled; purchase a suit tailored to your unique body style. A single pleat trouser will allow for extra room and provide added comfort while sitting. Lastly, a pocket square as well does a great job of adding to the overall appearance.

4. Suits For Muscular Guys

Men's Suits for Bodybuilders & Muscular Men

Muscular men have worked hard and have created a body that looks charming in suits. Men of muscle should take care not to wear suits too large, which makes them appear more bulky than they are. Properly tailored suits will show off the V-shape of the back. Windowpane and pinstripe fabrics look fantastic on muscular gents. When tying a tie, ensure to have a large knot, like the Full Windsor.

Final thoughts

Thus, while suit shopping, keep these tips in mind. Making a wrong selection can seriously hamper your look and make you look awkwardly taller, shorter or heavier in respect of your body type. Read your body type with diligence and then make your choice.  Of course, you can always give us a call or schedule an appointment and allow our master tailor to help you pick the correct options for your body type.     
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