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Pocket Squares: A Cutting Edge Fashion Accessory for Today's Men


People started weaving and making linens as early as 5 and a half thousand years ago. The Egyptians even had the wisdom to starch and color their linens and go for a flash. The handkerchief was their creation. Since then, the piece of cloth has moved to different countries, been experimented on, shaped and reshaped into various notions.

The legend of handkerchiefs

Legend has it that Marie Antoinette, the executed Queen of King Louis XVI, caused the trend that handkerchiefs should be square-shaped; not towel-shaped. This made kerchiefs easy to handle and fold into the pockets. In the early 20th century, girls would innovatively create a brassiere out of two handkerchiefs; and sometimes, whether willingly or unintentionally, gave a peek.

How pocket squares were conceived

Handkerchiefs peeping out of the neckline left a stunning impression. A few intelligent minds translated this observation into a trend. They assumed that it might hit gold-dust if a bit of folded handkerchiefs would peep out of the shirt pocket. This was the start of the pocket squares in actual sense of the word. Cut to the present age, pocket squares do play a significant role in defining the attire and style of the person beholding it.   

Symbolic significance of pocket squares

Pockets are meant to hide things and are a sign that you wish for isolation. In the same vein, the emerging edges of the pocket squares are a metaphoric symbol for an invitation. With pocket squares, you give an impression that you wish to reveal a part of you to the one who approaches you.

Folding of pocket squares

Yes, a lot of ideas have been shared all over to formulate how best to fold pocket squares in a charming way. Single-pointed pocket squares are the general norm, but you may opt from 2-4 pointed pocket squares or the puffed, teethed and other versions. Puritans either choose the one-point pocket squares or the flat versions. For the uninitiated, the points generally convey the layers you have in your life, while flat pocket squares show out a fairly uncomplicated person.

Take care to complement, not match

You may be dressed in a smart shirt, tie and a double-breasted suit over it. Interestingly, you will somehow find that the iceberg-like pocket square would often still be the best complement to your outlook. It ought to complement the theme of your shirt (not the tie or suit, mind you), but not be identical in color.

Illusion of the eyes

When you see somebody in formals, you check out his face and then his suit. While your eyes move to the inner shirt, you find something similar at the periphery of your vision. You are automatically attracted to that similar-themed object jutting out of his pockets, the pocket square. You admire the homogeneity of vision that pocket square creates and there lies the excellence of this man’s accessory.

Remember that pocket squares give best impression only on a well-chosen and sparkling clean outfit. So get fresh, wear a fetching shirt and fitting suit and let the pocket squares do the talking. Inspirational!


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