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Groomsmen Conundrum: Custom Tailored Wedding Suit / Tux or Wedding Tuxedo Rental?

So you're getting married. Congratulations. Now, just like every man before, you are faced with the conundrum of should I purchase a c...

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Tien Son at Eastland Mall

Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits has its own booth at Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana for the Holiday Season! To all of our faithful rea...

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The Tien Son Fall Collection

Everyone at Tien Son is excited about the Fall Collection. Not only do we have a few new fabrics, but we have brand new inventory for your ...

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Three More Days To Let Us Know!

If you haven't taken our survey yet, please do! Your feedback is especially important when we assemble the items for our collections...

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Evansville Business Magazine Tien Son Feature

Not every suit company can say they have been featured in the Evansville Business Magazine: Tien Son can. Lan looking fabulous We started ...

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We Want to Know What You Think

Tien Son is all about community feedback. Our way of reaching out, to learn more about community opinion, is through our surveys. Our goal i...

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Tien Son and the iPhone 5 pocket

The new iPhone 5 has arrived. Everyone thought that the iPhone 4 was to be Apple's next biggest product, but they have outdone themselv...

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Traveling Tailor: Indianapolis

You may have previously heard about our August Traveling Tailor in the newspaper, on the radio, through direct email, or from our various so...

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Customer Service Survey

Our Traveling Tailor orders will be arriving tomorrow! In honor of this, we want to hear from our customers about how we did at the Travelin...

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New Things in Store

Since our Traveling Tailor event the staff at Tien Son has been busy working on some new projects! Here is a small preview of everything go...

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Reflections on our Traveling Tailor

This weekend was definitely an eye opening experience for us at Tien Son. The whole weekend was a lot of work for everyone involved (especia...

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Tien Son's Traveling Tailor

Lan, Cody, Michael, and I are on location at the Hampton Inn ( near the Evansville Regional Airport) for our Traveling Tailor Event ! If you...

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Tien Son Family Photo Album: Lan Do

Concluding our Tien Son Family Photo Album is Lan, our eighth generation tailor! 1. Describe any important details about yourself you ...

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Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits Press Conference

Today, the University of Evansville hosted a news conference for Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits, a business run entirely by UE students (b...

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Tien Son Family Photo Album: Michael Armanno

Our next company profile is all about our Social Media guru, Mikey! 1) Describe any important details about yourself you want customer...

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