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The new iPhone 5 has arrived. Everyone thought that the iPhone 4 was to be Apple's next biggest product, but they have outdone themselves this time. This new phone features the iOS 6, which Apple is calling "The world's most advanced mobile operating system." I have the new iOS on my iPad, and I can say that it is pretty powerful. The all new thin design means that the new iPhone 5's height is about 5 inches, the width is about 2 inches, the depth is about 0.30 inches, and it weighs only about 4 ounces. Remember these numbers, they are important later. 

It was for this compact device that a customer decided to create a special suit pocket.  

That customer is Bryce, the happy man in the middle. He works at a telecommunications company as a national store executive. His job makes it necessary for his to always have his phone. Bryce worked with Tien Son to create his iPhone 5 pocket because he wanted a secure place for it when he wore his suit to social events, when he goes to work, or even on personal outings. When asked his thoughts on the pocket he had this to say, "The iPhone 5 pocket is great. It hides the phone without bulging from the jacket and it also provides an option without sacrificing the look and feel of the suit." 

Wondering what Bryce's iPhone 5 pocket constitutes? To make sure that the phone had proper ventilation the pocket is made of a special blend of fabrics that offers optimal comfort. Our fabric also has moisture transport, which means our fabric will keep sweat, water, or any number of liquids away from your cell phone. Remember those iPhone 5 measurements? We made sure that the iPhone 5 is securely concealed but has enough buffer room for a snug fit. To accommodate the customer's hand preferences the pocket can be placed on either the left or right side. We of course take into account what the most comfortable and natural reaching position for the individual is. My favorite part of the pocket is the zipper. Once closed the zipper becomes hidden, offering extra security for your iPhone 5. 

What do you think of Bryce's idea? Do you want to have your own iPhone 5 pocket?

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