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Worthy of a Wedding Dress

Whether it's the influence of reality TV shows like Bridezillas and Four Weddings, or the huge influx of wedding blogs and Pinterest acc...

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Traveling Tailor Event

Do you have a free day on August 25th or 26th to come to Tien Son's Traveling Tailor event? In case no one has heard, we are going ...

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Italy's second holiest city (the first being Vatican city) is Assisi. The slogan of the city is "Pax" which means peace, and t...

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The Shirt On Your Back

Shirts come in so many varieties that shopping for the perfect one can become an overly complicated ordeal. Hopefully these tips will help e...

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How To Take Care of Your Custom Suit

After shelling out for a custom-tailored suit , the last thing you want to do is fail to take care of it properly. Learn how to preserve its...

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Shopping We Shall Go

Let's face it: weddings are, for better or worse, a woman's event. The husband-to-be may get a say in some of the details, but if y...

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Pink is Not Dead

You may remember our  previous post  about how to pull off a pink tie. Tien Son offers not only ties, but other pink accessories, so here ar...

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Wedding Images

In honor of the wedding season, please enjoy some wedding-centric images! Tien Son specializes in suits and accessories but every aspect of ...

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Fall 2012 Wedding Trends

Non-traditional weddings are becoming more and more popular this decade, and 2012 is no different. Just as brides are beginning to integrate...

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Tien Son's Combo

Imagine a world where getting a man's tux or suit, shirt, vest, cuff links, tie or bow tie, and socks was affordable. Imagine a time wh...

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The Rehearsal Dinner

Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits - Because she's worth more than a rented tux. Although not as formal as the wedding ceremony, the re...

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Fall Wedding Season

White Fedoras are always in style  Wedding Season has its ups and downs: the astronomical costs are a definite negative but beautiful p...

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Crossing the Lining

There are so many options when it comes to ordering a bespoke suit that you may not always know which option is best. This is usually the ca...

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Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day from Tien Son Custom Suits! As a special Fourth of July Gift we are offering 25% off all accessories. Just e...

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Complete the Look: Your Belt and Watch

Understandably, when assembling an outfit, the focus is usually on coordinating the suit with the shirt and tie. Any accessories other than ...

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