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The pink tie is Donald Trump's signature look.
Pink ties are not for the faint of heart, but they make a powerful statement about the charisma and aplomb of the men who wear them. If you want to try to pull it off this season, though, there are a few rules you might want to follow.

Spring and Summer Only
Certain colors and styles are only appropriate for certain seasons, and this definitely applies to the pink tie (especially in lighter shades). It should typically only be worn in the spring and summer. Otherwise, its bright levity just looks out of place.

Keep it Light
You should try to match the weight of your suit with the weight of the tie's color, so avoid anything too dark or heavyweight. Beige and light gray pair excellently with pink. Look here for more information about summer suits to pair with your statement tie. Also be sure to wear shoes with a leather sole instead of a heavier rubber sole. Accessories can be any shade of brown, or even black.

Don't Clash
Never pair a pink tie with a brightly colored suit; keep the suit neutral. Don't be afraid of navy, though. For the most part, navy counts as a neutral color. As for a pocket square, it should be the same shade of pink as your tie.

Don't be afraid of pink, guys. It's absolutely not just for women. Think of Elvis! And don't forget to like us on Facebook and take advantage of our Father's Day sale.
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