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What do your shoes say about you?
Even though they're relatively small, shoes are an important reflection of the kind of man wearing them. It's important to consider the shoe just as much as the suit so you can leave a favorable "footprint" in the minds of your peers and your superiors. When selecting a pair of shoes, you should keep the quality, color, and style in mind.


There is an undeniable difference between budget and designer shoes, from the quality of the materials to the uniqueness and attractiveness of the design. If you think nobody will notice your Walmart shoes under your several hundred dollar trousers, you're wrong, because the contrast will be glaring. Furthermore, why burn through tons of cheap shoes that scuff up and fall apart when you can rely on quality to get you through many stylish years? Don't be afraid to drop some substantial dough on your footwear.


Rules about shoe color are not as strict as they were in the past, but there are still some general rules for men who are less fashion-savvy to follow. This article from Ask Men includes this handy table that will help you determine how to coordinate your shoes with your pants.

                                                Pant/suit color    Shoe color
                                                Black    black, tan or camel, oxblood
                                                Gray    black, oxblood, camel
                                                Brown    any shade of brown, black, camel
                                                Navy    black, camel, tan, oxblood
                                                Earth tones    any shade of brown, camel, black

Black leather cap toe lace-up shoes, a must-have.

Black leather cap toe lace-up shoes should be in any man's wardrobe, as well as shiny black five-eyelet lace-ups, bal wingtups and straight tip blucher shoes. Khakis should be worn with classic shoes such as martin or tassel loafers, or Kiltie oxfords. Four-pocket pants and dress pants should generally be worn with tassel or bit loafers. If you'd like to be more daring or trendy with your shoes, you can experiment with ankle boot or moccasin styles.

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