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No two men have exactly the same body type, so why should they dress the same way? Using principles of balance and proportion, both men can look equally good. The secret is to trick the eye by avoiding emphasis of less-desirable features.
This horizontally striped shirt is perfect for
men who want to balance out a tall, thin figure.

Suits For the Tall
If you're already of above-average height, chances are you want to avoid appearing even taller than you actually are. In this case, you should avoid closely tailored suits and vertical patterns (like pinstripes). If you're lanky and would like to appear broader and more muscular, horizontal stripes are key. You should avoid monochromatic looks; instead you should break up the sections of your body by wearing a vibrantly colored and patterned shirt with dark slacks. Just make sure the shirt is perfectly tailored - not too tight, not too billowy. Choose a heavier fabric for your suits, and wear pants with a 1.5-inch cuff to add weight to your look.

As for shoes, go with a square toe. The bluntness will offset the length of your legs, unlike pointed toe shoes, which will make your legs look disproportionately long. Add visual interest and weight to your look by including a pocket square and cuff links.

Suits For the Stout
You may be tempted to hide under baggy clothes, but this will actually have the opposite effect and make you appear broader. Instead, you should opt for form-fitting without going too tight. Dark pinstripe suits are your friend, as they draw the eye up to the shoulders and make you appear taller and slimmer. Pointed shoes will help make your legs look longer. You should opt for monochromatic shirts and dark suit colors. Avoid double-vented jackets, which will make your backside look wider.

A jacket without vents will minimize the hips and rear.
Suits For the Short
Large prints will diminish you, but small prints in black and white will flatter you. Avoid pointed shoes, because they'll emphasize the shortness of your legs rather than lengthening them. Instead, go with a square toe to add height. Go with a skinny tie to keep from overdoing the accessories.

Suits For the Muscular
Minimize padding wherever possible, and go with a large lapel to offset the bulk of your muscles. Opt to have pleats in your pants; the added volume will balance your lower body with your upper body. If you have a muscular lower body and a slim upper body, avoid vents in your jacket to keep the hips from appearing especially wide, and make sure your pants are closely tailored.

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