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Every company earns bragging rights for certain products. For Tien Son, the Executive Sets are by far one of our most friendly products for any man.

Our set includes a pocket square. It is usually considered an outdated accessory, but worn correctly it can add style and authority to any suit. Some might be skeptical but if wedding dress designer Randy Fenoli (remember this name, he will be the subject of a future blog post) is able to pull off the pocket square anyone can:

Here is the reason we can brag: mixing and matching the accessories appeals to different types of men. A matching set might not be appealing to the man who doesn't like his accessories to match, but buying one means that any one of the three items can be used however you want. If you have to have matching everything, this set is for you! Our set is a great value compared to buying each piece individually.

Our selling point: getting the Executive Set for your father for Father's Day means that you are getting three gifts in one. My personal favorite is the Shades of Blue, which is still 20% off until June 20th for Father's Day! Our Social Store is calling you.

The Vietnamese Culture Extra #5 was supposed to be on my last entry, but I decided to move it to this one!

Culture Extra #5 Fathers
In many cultures parents are revered and respected for their wisdom even when the children are grown adults. In Vietnam this is is especially true, where the father and mother share accountability for their children. In this society the father's responsibility is to protect the family and uphold the family traditions.
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