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Weddings are perhaps one of the most important moments a person can have. This ideal holds true across almost all cultures, especially in countries where the family is the locus of a person's world. In Italy weddings are, in my opinion, made all the more special because someone can have their wedding next to a medieval castle or in a backyard overlooking Tuscany. Imagine getting married in this:

Duomo in Orvieto, Italia. It took three centuries to handpaint everything
The location can make or break the wedding, but so can the wedding dress. Weddings are traditionally centered on the bride but Italian men take just as much care in selecting their suits. I spoke with some Italian friends here in Vescovado di Murlo and sometimes men can obsess more than women! One special part of the Italian wedding experience are the copious amounts of wedding advertisements. This specific one is geared towards men wearing colorful glasses at their weddings: 

Italians are extremely friendly people who are always well dressed, even when they are not at a wedding. I will be attending an Italian wedding in July, so keep checking back for more information on Italian fashion and weddings!
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