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This is a common conundrum: You've been invited to an event with a business casual dress code, and you're afraid of looking underdressed and seeming sloppy, but you're also afraid of overdoing it and being the only person in the room with a tie and jacket. While the rules of business casual dress might seem vague or confusing at first, they're more straightforward than you think. Just keep these basic rules in mind:

Don't Stray

Pair a non-matching jacket with slacks.
While you don't have to wear a full business suit, you shouldn't stray far from it. You can wear just slacks, but it's also okay to pair them with a non-matching jacket. When in doubt, stay closer to business formal than to straight up casual.

High Quality

"Casual" doesn't mean you can skimp on expense. Whatever you wear should be of high quality, whether it's a shirt or a watch. And everything should be crisp, clean and wrinkle-free.

Don't Distract

Whatever you do wear shouldn't be particularly distracting from your face. Opt for muted or dark colors and patterns, and don't try anything too risky or trendy. Save the avant garde for outside the office.

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