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My first Tien Son custom suit is here at last, and I'm overwhelmed by how perfectly it fits me and my description of what I wanted. I've especially never had luck finding pants that work for my figure off the rack, always having to compromise, but I knew as soon as I put these on that they fit me more perfectly than any article of clothing I've ever owned. This is definitely the way clothes are supposed to work! I will probably never be able to buy a suit off the rack after this.

The rest of the crew and I had a photo shoot to show off our professional looks. I was incredibly pleased with they way my suit was consistently flattering at all angles, and the bluish charcoal color looks magnificent (there are even light pinstripes that are subtle enough to pair with other patterns). While I was wearing it, I felt a sense of confidence and power that I'm not at all used to in my normal wardrobe. I'm definitely hooked, and I might need at least one more!

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