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Randy Fenoli is an interesting character. In preparation for Tien Son's wedding season, I started watching TV shows to get a feel for not only different suit styles but also prominent figures in men's fashion. Because wedding anything always focuses on the bride, men's fashion was difficult to come across. I was lucky: Randy is not well known as far as my research indicates (really, how many people have actually heard of Say Yes to The Dress?), but this man definitely knows how to wear a suit. More importantly, he is as human as everyone else and has definite good suit days and bad ones. The first picture is a good day and the second is a bad day (unless such style appeals to you):

Randy's style (based on my observations) a very fitted suit with a tie and matching pocket square. I have never seen anyone fold their pocket square as flamboyantly as Randy, but it is one of the first details that makes me remember him. Although I consider the puffy pocket square a distraction, there is definite strategical value in his approach: people will remember you. In terms of suits for wedding or a business occasion Randy is the guy to follow. You never know: Getting ideas from Randy about your suit from Tien Son can help your future bride with her dress! 

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