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Destination weddings, or traveling to a distant or exotic location for a wedding, are becoming increasingly popular. Wherever and whenever your wedding takes place, your look should blend stylishly with your environment. There are many options other than the standard black tuxedo. Just remember to keep it classic and tailored, not outlandish.

Summery Destination
A beige suit can be matched with a blue shirt
and a slightly darker tie.
A black tuxedo most likely would be at odds with a tropical or beachside location like Maui. Instead, the groom should opt for lighter colors, particularly sand or beige. Based on the wedding colors, this can be mixed with a blue shirt and a darker tie, or a white shirt and a shiny pastel-colored tie. The light, airy colors will make the groom look at ease and integrated with his surroundings instead of overly formal and uncomfortable.

Wintery Destination
Black is perfectly appropriate for cooler climates or romantic locations like Paris in the winter, and you may want to consider going for a weather-appropriate 3-piece suit. If the look works for you, you can also opt for a longer jacket, or even a Victorian-inspired tailcoat. This look not only inspires romantic formality and dignity, but a bit of winter coziness.

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