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Tips from EHow Style

One of my favorite websites is It will basically tell you everything you need to know about anything. They have a wonderful video ...

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Adjust Your Contrast

Whether or not we're aware of it, color has an impact on our perception, and even our mood. Studies show that  the color red  in particu...

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It's All In The Style

Allison and I have given you different guides to choosing the right suit from Tien Son. When meeting with our expert tailor, how are you goi...

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Whatever the Weather

You might be a little damp under the arms at the very thought of wearing a suit in the midst of summer, especially if you've ever had a...

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The Tie Clip

Channing Tatum rocking a thin tie clip Tie Clips are a great, simple accessory that offers both flair and utility. It goes by many names...

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How to Speak Suit

If you've never touched a sewing needle, your mental library of tailoring terminology probably only consists of a handful of words, if t...

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Vietnamese Quality

For those who aren't aware Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits is the American branch of Nha May Tien Son (which roughly translates to Fashi...

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Are You Suit Savvy?

No matter who you ask, almost no one ever seems totally certain about suit etiquette. I can't say how many times I've put on a suit ...

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What's in a Name? That Which We Call Fabric

Tien Son fabric central When buying a suit, what you really pay for is the fabric. With so many fabrics out there to choose from, how ...

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Major Website Revamp Coming Soon

The  Tien Son  website is getting an extreme makeover sometime in July. Below is a screenshot of the new layout. I don't mean to brag (...

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My Tien Son Experience: Part One

I recently got to experience the process of ordering a custom-tailored suit from  Tien Son  first-hand, and I'm indescribably excited ab...

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The Price is Right

Guanashina fabric suit from Duncan Quinn.  Price Tag: $27,000.   “The American playwright George S. Kaufman once said that he'd alw...

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Bespoke vs. Off-the-Rack Suits

"Huh, just three more hours until day 9,261 of my perfect life. " When you encounter a full-page ad of a youthful sophisticat...

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Tien Son: Eight Generations Strong

Just as you wouldn't go into battle without armor, you shouldn't expect to go very far in the world of business without a suit. Even...

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