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Channing Tatum rocking a thin tie clip
Tie Clips are a great, simple accessory that offers both flair and utility. It goes by many names: tie bar, tie slide, and tie clasp are just a few alternative labels. Whatever the name, the tie clip is used to keep the tie in place for a neat appearance. If you live in a windy place a tie clip might save you from your tie flying all over the place - or smacking you in the face.

Owning one silver tie clip is as much a standard as...well, owning a tie, of course having a few tie clips for a healthy rotation isn't too bad of an idea.  A tie clip can cost anywhere between $20 to $300, it's all based on style and material. Here are several sets of matching cufflinks and a tie clip. If your interested in a tie clip, look here. And while you are looking at the clips, check out our Facebook page and Monday's Culture  Extra #3: Silk.

Culture Extra #2: Pho!
Pho is aVietnamese soup made with rice noodles, a meat (usually beef or chicken) and vegetables like bean sprouts. This dish supposedly originated in Hanoi (Tien Son's fashion house headquarters!) to suit both Vietnamese and French tastes in the 1900's.
Looks yummy right?

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