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For those who aren't aware Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits is the American branch of Nha May Tien Son (which roughly translates to Fashion House Tien Son), a custom clothing store in Hanoi, Vietnam. The tailors from Nha May are extremely skilled: they can make anything you ask for, not just suits. Everything is handmade and sewn, never glued together. This means that the tailors take the utmost care in creating your suit and will never skip over details. In other words, when you buy a suit from Tien Son you are in expert hands and there is no need to worry. Read more about Tien Son.

If I haven't convinced you to put aside your worry, keep reading. In general Vietnamese tailored clothing is best known for always fitting the individual without the need for too many alterations. Tien Son exceeds the standard : since our creation, there has not yet been a suit returned to the home office needing alterations. Our tailors make the perfect cut every time. 

I asked more then fifteen college students what they thought of any Vietnamese clothes that they owned. These are just three statements that really caught my attention about what these students thought. Jordan Miranda at the University of Colorado said "I have had mine for years. They last forever and are of great quality." Likewise, Stephen Rodriguez at Case Western University stated that "I love Vietnamese anything. I once bought a shirt from an older Vietnamese woman at this shop in New York. She measured me and fixed the shirt to my measurements right in front of me! She had brought some shirts from Hanoi to sell and they were great." My favorite response was Ann-Marie Smith from Washington University, "If I could I would only buy Vietnamese clothes. I love them. I was in Vietnam last summer and they can make anything you want!"

I asked college students this question to illustrate the point that, even though college students are usually poor and by necessity frugal (most of the time), these fifteen were willing to spend money on Vietnamese clothes. Unlike American, Chinese, or European clothing manufacturing Vietnamese clothes are often handmade and made to fit you. This is an older article, but according to Top Vietnamese Exports and Imports Vietnam's top export is cotton apparel. This article was published in 2007, but even in 2012 Vietnam's top products are textile based. I am not an economist, but this seems like supply and demand: there is a high demand in the world for Vietnamese textiles. More importantly this is not limited to clothes. Vietnam is known for its vibrantly colored silk products, which can be made into different objects such as lanterns. 

Tien Son is proud of its International heritage. Know that when you say that your suit was made in Vietnam it should be said with pride: Vietnamese products are made with excellent quality every time. Most importantly, one of Tien Son's main missions is that "Your satisfaction is our highest goal." With some of Vietnam's finest products, I think we can take your corporate wardrobe to a new level. 

Does everything I wrote about Vietnamese clothing ring true? Tell us in the comments section, or on the Tien Son Facebook Page! Our social media guru Michael loves hearing from you. Also, be sure to read Allison's My Tien Son Experience (Part II coming soon!) to learn what it is like to work with our own Vietnamese expert tailor Lan Do, the co-owner of Tien Son. From now on I am going to include random facts about Vietnamese culture in my entries. I hope that everyone will enjoy them. Most will pertain to clothing, but I want all of our customers and readers to learn more about Tien Son's country of origin. Stay tuned for Thursday's Culture Extra #2: Pho!  

Vietnamese Culture Extra #1: The Vietnamese traditional costume (worn mostly by women but men can wear them too) is the ao dai. It can take anyway from 7-25 days to create an ao dai. It only takes about 4-7 days to create a suit! (Moral of the Story: A Tien Son custom suit is easier to make!)
The Ao Dai. A suit is definitely easier to make
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