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Allison and I have given you different guides to choosing the right suit from Tien Son. When meeting with our expert tailor, how are you going to choose your style? So what is the difference and what are the pro's and con's of the three simplest suit styles?

The Two Piece
Two Piece Suit with a Tie Clip!
The two piece is the most universally known style of suit: it is just the jacket and pants. Add a dress shirt and you are ready for work. Most people will find that it is the easiest to clean and fairly inexpensive compared to the three piece suit. The two piece is much more common in the work room, in weddings (although this is not the most accepted style), and many other social functions. This suit, although professional, might not appear as professional as a three piece. One of the greatest aspects of a two piece is that even at a professional function a person can look sleek and causal at the same time.

The Three Piece
A friend of mine once said "A man never looks better than when he is in a three piece suit." Personally I think the three piece suit is elegant and historically classy. The extra "piece" of this suit is the vest (or if you want to impress your friends, it is the waistcoat in British English) but this feature can add extra expense when buying your suit. There is also the chance that the three piece suit wearer can appear over dressed, but if you want to be the most professional looking man in the room the three piece might be an option for you. (Be warned: the three piece can be extra hot in warm climates!)

The Tuxedo
Mr. Bond as himself in an elegant tux and bow tie
Before writing this article I was under the impression that a suit and a tux were the same clothing article. This is actually not true. The tux is considered a more formal type of suit that has satin on the lapels, buttons, and pants stripes whereas the "normal" suit does not have any satin. Any of the accessories worn with a tux are also (or at least, should be) made of satin as well. The tuxedo is the most formal garment out there (next to the cocktail dress of course) that is usually black. These are usually more expensive then a regular suit and made of black wool, which can be heavier and hotter depending on the social event and climate. 

There are many more suit styles to choose from, but these three are the most basic. Read 10 Times Suit Styles to learn more about other styles and Men's Modern Suit Styles For 2012 to give you more information about different styles for 2012. Make sure to refer to Allison's How to Speak Suit if the terminology gets a little rough! Follow us on Twitter at @Tcustomsuits and check out our Father's Day Sale on our Facebook Page. Thursday's Culture Extra is #4 Tailors.

Vietnamese Culture Extra #3 Silk
Vietnamese silk can be made into tons of different products like lanterns. It is imported all over the world, and is known for its superior quality and vibrant colors. In ancient times silk was a luxury only nobles were allowed, but once industrial manufacturing became widespread more people had access to silk. What are your favorite silk items?
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