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When buying a suit, what you really pay for is the fabric. With so many fabrics out there to choose from, how is a person to decide? Here is a step-by-step guide for deciding what sort of fabric to make your suit out of. Buying a suit is really a bigger commitment then most men realize, so use this guide when picking out your Tien Son fabric!

1) Decide what you need the suit for.
Are you getting married? Entering the corporate world? Need a replacement suit? Need another work suit? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself. The most basic types of fabrics are wool, linen, cotton, silk, and worsted, but there are hundreds of subtypes. There are so many types that it can be a little overwhelming! and The Phrontistery are helpful websites to look up the particular name of a fabric.

2) Question the season you are buying in and where you live.
Cotton is considered to be universally accepted in America: it’s breathable, machine washable, and absorbs sweat. If you wear a suit to work more than twice a week, a well made cotton suit is definitely a good investment. Most cotton suits are fairly inexpensive. But, consider whether or not cotton in the Michigan winter is a good idea. Choose your suit fabric based on what season it is and what the weather is like in the place you live. 
Like Red? Like Velvet? 

3) Where are you going?
This particular step is unique for Tien Son readers. Most fabric and style guides do not include this step at all. And this is probably the most overlooked detail in the history of fabric buying. Different fabrics have their own unique properties. Wool is considered a suit staple, but an international business man from Wisconsin travelling to Thailand in April with his black wool suit is going to experience health problems. Likewise, travelling between Indiana and Colorado is a life lesson: a wool suit is the difference between feeling the bitter cold of a Rocky Mountain winter or the sweltering heat of Evansville. The smart suit buyer will not only consider his home environment but his travelling one as well!

4) Choose your color and style
One of the most overlooked details when selecting fabric is whether or not the pattern or color is suitable for your purposes (see step 1). You may like the neon green velvet fabric, but your new mother-in-law and soon-to-be-wife might not appreciate your tastes at your traditionally themed wedding. Investing in a frock coat? A gray silk fabric would be the most lightweight and suitable option, but silk wrinkles easy. A luxury fabric like cashmere looks better in brown or gray shades. Do you like pinstripes or solids? 

5) Choose your fabric based on You
Steps 1-5 are simply suggestions when picking out your fabric. A man should feel confident and stylish in his chosen suit. Do some research and find a fabric that is most suited to you. Or consult our expert tailor!

For all those looking for a new suit in a unique color, my personal recommendation is our Stunning Checkers and a white dress shirt, paired with the Diagonal Limits Skinny Tie and Chrome set with Black Accent cuff links.
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