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Guanashina fabric suit from Duncan Quinn. 
Price Tag: $27,000. 
“The American playwright George S. Kaufman once said that he'd always remember 1937. His tailor actually delivered a suit that was something like the suit he'd ordered. Genuine custom tailoring has always been a leap of faith...” Lifestyle: The Measure of a Man by G. Bruce Boyer,

What is a man getting into financially when he buys a custom suit? Is it truly a leap of faith? Veteran suit buyers know that sometimes “quality” can sometimes break the bank. Big name companies like Duncan Quinn charge a flat fee of $3,800 to build your suit.

If a man has that kind of money to be spending on one suit, more power to him. But, there is at least one vacation out there to Italy that costs less than the price of one Duncan Quinn suit.

Lately, more men are beginning to enter into businesses that require professional dress. Unfortunately, most working class people do not have a lot of money to be spending on their work suits, which is why many will turn to buying off the rack instead. College graduates are definitely in this category.

If you are a new graduate, where is your 
wardrobe money going to go?

What is a young man entering into the professional world to do when suits are so expensive? Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits is that low cost option for men just entering into the work force or Fortune 500 CEO’s. Suits start at just $449. Shipping is free! Tien Son is one of the few companies that does not charge shipping, and our products ship from Vietnam.

Now, how to justify spending that kind of money on a Tien Son product, compared to another, perhaps lower cost option? There are tons of custom suit companies that will make your suit for cheaper, such as Indochino. 

The difference between these companies and Tien Son is that when you order a suit from us the line "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply. You will always receive a product worth more then what you were charged.

One of grandmother's famous lines is "Take a chance: You might be surprised." There is no substitute (attempting to list all the reasons on this blog to buy from instead of our competitors) for actually getting on our website and taking a look at our products: you may not buy a suit, but we have accessories at great prices.

For anyone interested, check out In Pictures: Bespoke for Every Budget to compare prices from brand name companies. Don't be fooled by the ultra attractive websites: just count the dollar signs!
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