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Blaze a Trail This Autumn with Fitted Blazers
We naturally envision prim attire when we talk formals and a playful attire when we consider casuals. This is to say that we are ever restricted by our visual intellect. However, time and again, there have been interventions which add a relaxed touch to formals and a svelte edge to casuals. Blazers come in the second category; metamorphosing a casual look with ultimate elegance. No wonder it has stood the time long enough to be considered one of the best sartorial inventions of the last century.

Dynamics of a blazer
Blazers lack the primness and austerity of pinstripe suits. They are much like an idea for a male hourglass figure, accentuating the shoulder and constricting the waist. It is meant to be buttoned up at the midsection and end up just at the lower abdomen. The upper zone is invariably kept open, to give a glimpse of what you are wearing underneath. Amazingly, it transforms your look for the better, whether you wear a demure peach full shirt or a colorful bush-shirt within.
Categories of blazers
Blazers can be placed into four subtle categories. The form-fitting blazer is a tailor’s delight and you ought to enhance its earnestness through pinstripes and mute colors. The military blazer is more a biker’s fascination and goes well with Denim Jeans. The double-breasted one is meant to look imposing, so if you lack beef, better gird up some shoulder pad. The over-sized blazer meanwhile is fine with cargo pants and slim fit trousers.
Blazer colors and themes
Each of these blazers come in classic, flashy and neutral muted tones. It depends on the attitude of the wearer and the shirt he wears underneath as to which colored blazer he should choose. Remember that blazers leave the best impression with well-tailored trousers and formal shoes. You should be at your hygienic best while donning it and under a fetching hair-style.
This fall season, there will be a mixed revelry of the above-mentioned categories. Autumn is a dreary season and settles well with the tune of neutral colors. So, it is best if you go with black, grey; beige or charcoal blazers nipped at the waist. Please don’t formalize it with a tie; leave the insides airy and casual, if only to strike a delightful contrast.
A word about blazer fabrics
Different fabrics will make their presence felt; wool, cotton, denim, and tweed being the prominent ones, but none more imposing than faux fur and leather. These translate into bomber jackets for men with some signature tunes. Cotton and wool are the best fabric choice for form-fitting blazers due to the breathability it bestows. Denim, meanwhile, naturally essays a used look which is quite easy-on-the eye. There will also be a riot of frayed and worsted blazers this autumn.
Impression of a fitting blazer
Keep in mind that blazers appear best when they fit your body. Since different people have different body types, they are best served when tailored to perfection. Otherwise, you will eminently be in need of shoulder-pads or will have to leave the buttons open, giving it a shrug-like appearance. A fitting blazer leaves a stark and solid impression on the roving eyes and encourages others to go for the same. Ignite a trend this autumn!

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