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White Fedoras are always in style 
Wedding Season has its ups and downs: the astronomical costs are a definite negative but beautiful pictures are a plus. Traditionally brides and grooms dress their bridesmaids and groomsmen in the exact same color and style, but not always. Men usually wear tuxedos if they are part of the wedding party or a sport coat or dress shirt if in the audience.Whatever your needs, Tien Son for Your Wedding is not only a special memory but also a good investment: getting a suit that can be worn multiple times saves you money down the road that can be spent on your wedding.
Imagine getting married in this 
I know what you are all thinking: Why not just rent a suit? That is of course an option. I have never personally known anyone to rent their suit, mainly because of hidden fees associated with renting.These may only be minimal but the charges begin to grow exponentially. Tien Son is able to make your suit out of imported Italian fabrics, so one fun fact to use at your wedding could be “I bought my suit from an American branch of a Vietnamese business. It is made of {insert fabric name here} from Italy.”

In case it hasn’t been clear enough I am a gigantic supporter of everything Italian, including anything associated with tradition. The Rubegni family that owns the only hotel in Vescovado di Murlo has four generations of married couples that had their nuptials at the site of the family home. When the fifth generation, Gina (not married yet) commented on what his own wedding would be like, he noted that his grandmother would probably make his suit. I asked him why he wouldn’t just buy one; he said “It isn't traditional. The family makes the clothes. I could buy a suit if I wanted but my grandma would throw a fit.”
This isn’t an exact quote because there was more than a little broken Italian and less English slang, but the point was received: the family nucleolus is very important when dressing the wedding party. I take this as a sign: why not let Tien Son, a family business, outfit your groom or groomsmen?
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