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Italy's second holiest city (the first being Vatican city) is Assisi. The slogan of the city is "Pax" which means peace, and this place is definitely the most peaceful place I have ever been. It is a tourist trap to be sure, but yesterday there wasn't a lot of people around, which made it easier to enjoy the many churches that are free to the public (this is rare: most places make you pay!). Please enjoy the images from the many churches that I visited, and feel free to share the church that you are getting married in below in the comments section!

Duomo architecture in Assisi is medieval: pink and white stone blocks form the stripped pattern 

Notice something strange about this picture? Look at the left hand corner. 

Cathedral of Saint Fancis 

This is a church built on top of another church 

Florists were preparing for a wedding! 
The entire foundations of the Church of Saint Francis 

5:58 AM


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