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Let's face it: weddings are, for better or worse, a woman's event. The husband-to-be may get a say in some of the details, but if you have ever seen the TV show Bridezillas you know the chances of that happening are slim to none. I set out to find the lowest cost suits available on the internet from different wedding sites in order to prove the idea that a man should (contrary to what a woman may think) be able to find a suit that fits his personality, his wallet, and his wedding. 

This was not an easy task. I am (of course) partial to Tien Son's suits, so trying to find something that was of the same quality and price was rather difficult. RecycledBride is one of the sites that I want to highlight because it had definite high and low points.

I found this site through pinterest. It is a great place to get ideas about wedding decor and comparative prices. As far as decor goes, the site is basically a hand-me-down of old wedding items, so finding something you like is basically based on personal taste. The different items I have looked at thus far have been nice looking. People choose how much to sell their items at, so a lot of the merchandise available is within a decent range, although be weary: the purpose of the site is to get rid of things people don't want anymore. Try to keep an open mind about the quality of the items and the price that is being paid. 

A word about RecyledBride's suits: they are less expensive than a Tien Son original. Even though the suits are less money many that I checked up on are not stylish nor are they of great quality. Basically, I do not think that a person could reuse these suits one more time. Although I am a big fan of the site in general, I believe that this site can be used for items other than the groom or groomsman's suits. Basically, what it comes down to is: 

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