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There are so many options when it comes to ordering a bespoke suit that you may not always know which option is best. This is usually the case when it comes to determining how the jacket is going to be lined. The truth is that both lined and unlined jackets have their benefits and drawbacks, but one or the other might work better for your needs.

Why Choose Lined?
Depending on your climate, lined jackets have numerous advantages, arguably the greatest of which is durability. Lined jackets will generally stand the test of time over unlined because they are more substantial and can be more easily and less expensively repaired. Also, because of their heavier weight, they are much more comfortable in cooler climates and will keep you adequately warm. Finally, lining on the inside will offer more flexibility for adjustments, but it can simultaneously be used to cover up shoddy tailoring.

Why Choose Unlined?
Tailoring an unlined suit is more complicated, so unlined
tends to be more expensive than lined.

Unlined jackets actually come in three varieties: half-lined (goes halfway down the back, usually found in seersucker suits), quarter-lined (offers just enough room for adjustments), and skeleton-lined (least substantial lining). All of these jackets are cooler than those with lining, and obviously skeleton-lined jackets are the most comfortable in warmer weather. However, it is more difficult to make adjustments to these jackets because the work on the inside is exposed, so they typically cost more because the tailor has to work that much harder to clean up the inside. Unlined jackets are also more vulnerable to everyday wear and tear because they can snag and rip easily, and unlike lined jackets in which the lining can simply be replaced, the repairs for unlined jackets are more complicated and expensive.Keep this information in mind when ordering your next custom suit, and rest assured that no work by a Tien Son tailor will ever be below par.
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