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Shirts come in so many varieties that shopping for the perfect one can become an overly complicated ordeal. Hopefully these tips will help eliminate some of the stress.

The Collar
Don't forget to take your neck measurement. You don't want the collar of your shirt to be too loose or too tight. You should be able to fit only one finger between your neck and the collar. The semi-spread is the standard collar style. It should fit just about any suit or tie, so no need to experiment with other styles unless you're curious.

The Torso
Baggy, ill-fitting shirts aren't doing you any favors. Gravitate
instead towards slim-fit shirts that gently hug your body.
Avoid billowy, blousy shirts that add to volume instead of disguising it. Opt for more flattering slim, closely tailored shirts instead. Keep in mind that shirts labeled as "slim-fit" will differ in size between designers. As a rule, higher end designer shirts tend to run smaller. And shirts labelled as "extra slim-fit" will obviously be even tighter. As far as patterns, gingham and plaid are currently in style. Pastel colors are most appropriate for spring and summer, while dark, muted tones are perfect for fall and winter.

The Arms
The shoulder seams should hug your shoulders without being too restricting. Check out the sleeve length. When unbuttoned, the cuffs should reach a little past your wrists. For a more relaxed, debonair look, try leaving your cuffs unbuttoned. Just make sure they poke out about half an inch from your jacket sleeves.

Don't give up the dream of finding a perfectly fitted shirt. Even if department stores continually fail you, Tien Son can offer what you're looking for.

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