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Not every suit company can say they have been featured in the Evansville Business Magazine: Tien Son can.

Lan looking fabulous
We started as a class project at the University of Evansville but have expanded enough to be given  recognition in a few magazines. This is a very special honor for us! Here's the article: Suit Up

Working with Natalie on the photographs was a lot of fun. We shot the photos at the University of Evansville School of Business in the newly remodeled study room. The scenery was perfect for the picture with Cody, Lan, Michael, and myself in front of the fireplace: Natalie did a good job! She had to take a lot of different pictures in order to get the best ones possible, so there was a lot of posing involved. I have never participated in anything remotely close to a photo shoot, so it was a new experience for me. Lan, Cody and Mikey are used to having their pictures taken, but they enjoyed it. 

Don't the suits make the backdrop so much cooler? 
One of the greatest aspects of Brennan's article was how he captured the breath of all that Tien Son does. He did a wonderful job summarizing not only our history, but all we offer! He asked a lot of questions not just about the business but also our own personal feelings about the company. My favorite moments was before the photo shoot started and Brennan asked (I am paraphrasing) "Why are you working for Tien Son?" Mikey replied "I believe in what Tien Son is doing, which is why I want to help the business grow. They have a good product and customer service." I couldn't agree more.

November 1st we are launching our Fall collection! Be on the look out for new styles! 
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