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Concluding our Tien Son Family Photo Album is Lan, our eighth generation tailor!

1. Describe any important details about yourself you want customers to know.

I grew up in a family business with a long history of custom making clothes. I love and enjoy making people beautiful and feel confident about themselves. 

2. Why did you decide to expand Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits?

Since I was a little girl I always had a passion for continuing my family business- Tien Son. I spent most of my time (besides school) at our fashion house making clothes for my Barbie or helping my parents. Even though life has become more convenient, there is a beauty of custom make clothes that stand out from other types of economically making clothes. Therefore, together with my partner- Cody Land, we want to bring this art back to life in the United State. 

3) How do you view your role in Tien Son? What is your job?

I am the expert tailor of Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits. I ensure that our customers get the right measurements, help them have the perfect design that best compliments their body type from hair color, skin tone, to body type. I also make sure that our customers have the best customer service and our product meets customers need from quality to fashion. 

4) What is your favorite Tien Son product?

It’s so hard to point out one product which I love the most. But I think I pay the most attention to our fabric. Since there is not much variety in mens suits compares to womens suits, the uniqueness of the suit counts on quality, especially fabrics. Our tropical blend is one of my favorite fabrics. It makes customers feel like wearing linen suits without have to worry about all the wrinkles. Its successful in taking advantage of line fabric but correcting the down side of it.

5) Describe your personal suit style in three words. Why did you choose these particular words?

Traditional, wool and stylish.

I found myself interested in traditional/ old European looks. I like a traditional wardrobes such as double breast vest with pencil skirt. My favorite fabric is wool on this type of style. It is a high class fabric and make women who wear them look powerful and luxurious. Fashion always comes back to the original styles and modified to be a little different. Thus, understand the old fashion is the best way to design the modern looks.

6) Why should people buy from Tien Son?

Tien Son clothes are handmade from our fabrics to the process of making clothing. There is not production line exit in Tien Son Company. Our strategy is one tailor works on one product. It requires the tailor takes full responsibility for his or her product. Our tailors are not take couple months on training. They take years of experience before qualified to be Tien Son’s tailors. Tien Son hires well-trained tailors to make high quality products and satisfies our luxury customers.

7) If Tien Son had a theme song what would it be? 

ZZ Top's song "Sharp Dressed Man" 

Our Traveling Tailor Event is tomorrow! Be at the Hampton Inn near the Evansville Regional Airport August 25-26! We are going to have great prizes, merchandise, and wonderful people there to serve your suit needs! 
10:11 PM


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