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While the new adaptation of The Great Gatsby got pushed back to summer 2013, we can still pass the time by observing the more than 500 1920s-inspired costumes designed by Catherine Martin (Oscar winner for designs in Moulin Rouge) and outfitted by Brooks Brothers. [WWD]

For added authenticity, F. Scott Fitzgerald himself was a customer of Brooks Brothers. According to WWD, “Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s writings as a representation of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.”
Leonardo DiCaprio pulls off a plethora of dashing looks, some of which are especially artful. For instance, in one scene he wears a high-contrast ensemble composed of a white suit with sharply peaked lapels, a dark brown vest, a black shirt, and a dark mustard tie. It's the perfect mix of stately neutrals with the sleek, dynamic contrast of black and white.

Don't forget about our Traveling Tailor event less than three weeks from now, where you'll be able to browse our luxurious selection of fabrics and mix and match at your leisure. Maybe take a few pages from The Great Gatsby as your inspiration.

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