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Here at Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits we want our customers (and potential customers!) to meet the people behind the scenes of the day-to-day operations of the company. Our first interview is from Cody, co-founder of the Tien Son Americas Division! 

1) Describe any important details about yourself you want customers to know.

I am a US Air Force veteran and have a bachelor’s degree in Finance. I am a very active person and enjoy adrenaline sports.

2) Why did you decide to expand Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits?

Attending the University of Evansville, I met Lan, an eighth generation tailor from Vietnam. Her family sent her to the United States to receive an American business education and then to help grow the business throughout Asia. However, after loads of coffee and weeks of market research we decided that larger opportunities exist in America. To our surprise, pure bespoke suits are very hard to find, especially online.

3) How do you view your role at Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits? What is your job?

I spend my day ensuring that Tien Son is on the correct path. It is very important to me that all of our clients feel like family and are completely happy with their Tien Son experience. 

4) What is your favorite Tien Son product? 

I love our summer suits. We have a wonderfully blended wool and linen fabric that is incredibly lightweight and breathable. I feel fresh all day!

5) Describe your personal suit style in three words. Why did you choose these particular words?

Modern, slim and unique

I prefer the modern look to suits (1 and 2 button) typically with a slim notch lapel and double vents in the back. I prefer a slim fit, especially in the trousers. Additionally, I love the minor customization options that make my suit truly unique such as monogramming and catchy lining.

6) Why should people buy from Tien Son?

Tien Son is the only provider of fine, full canvas, made to measure suits online. We do not use automated processes such as cutting machines and production lines. Each suit is expertly handcrafted and inspected.One tailor creates one suit, from start to finish. The tailor that is assigned to make your suit is the only tailor that touches it. This ensures maximum attention to detail is achieved.

7) If Tien Son had a theme song what would it be?

The "nothing suits me like a suit" song from How I Met Your Mother 

Meet Cody at our Traveling Tailor Event, August 25-26th at the Hampton Inn at the Evansville Regional Airport and check back here for the next entry in our Tien Son Family Photo Album.

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