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Introducing one of Tien Son's awesome writers, Allison!

1) Describe any important details about yourself you want customers to know:

I’m a marketing major at the University of Evansville. I enjoy cooking and writing non-fiction.

2) Why did you choose to work at Tien Son? What drew you to this particular company:

First of all, I was drawn to the obvious passion and dedication Cody Land and Lan Do have for their work. After I began working with them, I realized how many dimensions there are to the world of suits and men’s fashion.

3) How do you view your role in Tien Son? What is your job:

I feel that my role is to help convey the image of Tien Son through my writing. My job is to generate original content on the Tien Son Fashion Blog and to edit any text on the website.

4) What is your favorite Tien Son product:

I love the suit that was custom-made just for me. It fits me better than any item of clothing I’ve ever owned, and I feel more confident when I wear it.

5) Describe your personal suit style in three words. Why did you choose these particular words:

My words are classy, understated, and feminine. I chose these three words because they highlight different aspects of my personality that I like to emulate with my clothes.

6) Why should people buy from Tien Son:

Tien Son is run by kind, knowledgeable people with an incredible passion for their business that’s hard to find in larger companies.

7) If Tien Son had a theme song what would it be:

“Fashion” by Lady Gaga

If you haven't already signed up for the Traveling Tailor Event, there is still time! It is August 25 - 26 at the Hampton Inn near the Evansville Regional Airport. Look for tomorrow's entry about me, Samantha. 
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