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The trailer for New Skyfall came out a week ago, and now we're beginning to see some behind-the-scenes material about dressing the latest 007 played by Daniel Craig.

As costume designer Jany Temime puts it, "We fitted many shapes until we found the exact shape that suited Daniel." Craig's wardrobe is close fitting, sharp, and modern. "I wanted to give the whole look a little edge, you know? Because although his suits are tailored and handmade, he should wear them with a little 2012 touch."

The latest Bond seems to be fond of understated blues and grays with tiny, subtle patterns. In one scene he wears a blue-charcoal suit with a tight pinstripe pattern paired with a light blue shirt and a navy, micro-checked tie. The jacket fits his arms and shoulders perfectly and draws in smoothly at the waist, creating a slim silhouette that perfectly conveys the confident character's sex appeal.

Recreate Bond's look by browsing our fabric selection at our Traveling Tailor event on August 25 and 26. Book an appointment before the event to have your measurements taken and receive custom style tips, and with every suit order men will receive free cufflinks with a matching tie clasp, and women will receive a free matching skirt.

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