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This weekend was definitely an eye opening experience for us at Tien Son. The whole weekend was a lot of work for everyone involved (especially Cody, Lan, and Mikey who spent forever setting the displays up!) full of fifteen hour days, long hours without food, great spurts of customers, and periods of inactivity. Having written the previous sentence (which sounds a lot like I am complaining) I can say that I would not have traded this last weekend for the world.

Our handmade ties. Orange seemed to be a popular color! 
Cody and Lan are two of the most dedicated people I know. They spent three months planning the Traveling Tailor event alongside Mikey, who did all the promotional work and advertisements, and their work paid off not only in physical presentation (just look at all the pictures from my previous entry) but in the customer base that Tien Son was able to build. To be completely honest, we were hoping for a full house of customers and a few more sales then we had; but as with everything there is a learning curve when finding out what works and what doesn't. We now have a better idea about how to advertise in Evansville and surrounding areas. Furthermore, we have aspirations to take our Traveling Tailor to Nashville, TN, so if you are in that area be sure to look out for us!

Lan working on our Virtual Tailor with a customer

I was fortunate enough to be measured for my own suit, custom designed for me by Lan herself, and I can say that getting measured was fun. I was not so thrilled about measuring the stomach area, but having Lan explain to me about what would look best on me and what wouldn't was an exciting experience. Lan suggested that I go with a suit made of two different fabrics, a brownish tan base fabric with black (shiny!) accents along all the edges of the suit. I know that our customers each had their own unique experience with Lan's measuring tape like I did and many were surprised not only about her vast knowledge but also by how many options were available to them!

We had many different customers walk into our event with different purposes. On Saturday we had a future bride and groom come in to take advantage of our wedding special, buy five groomsmen suits get the groom's free, to discuss different options for their wedding. They were so impressed the groom and his brother came back to get shirts made for everyday use. On Sunday an local Evansville lawyer stopped by because his wife sent him out to get new suits. He decided to go with a starter suit, and if he liked it, he would be back for more. We haven't had a dissatisfied customer yet, so we will be seeing him again once he receives his new suit. All of our customers were eligible for free give aways, and many walked away with one of our ties, Executive Sets, cuff links and tie clips, or other great prizes. 

Were you at our event and want to share your story? Do you have an advertising or venue suggestion? Let us know in the comments section!

Lan measuring A University of Evansville professor
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