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Since our Traveling Tailor event the staff at Tien Son has been busy working on some new projects! Here is a small preview of everything going on behind the scenes.

Evansville Contemporary Bridal Show

Every year the Evansville community has a large bridal convention where vendors attempt to sell their products. This year Tien Son Custom Suits will be joining these aspiring businesses at the Centre (down town Evansville) on November 4th from 12- 5 pm. Much like our Traveling Tailor we will have a number of  free give aways and our mobile computer station for your enjoyment. This time around we will be partnering with a few other businesses to offer combo pricing, so make sure to stop by to find out about our special discounts! 

The Eastland Mall

This Christmas season we will be setting up shop at the Evansville Eastland mall! All of our dates are still tentative, but if you are an early shopper we, and our one of a kind designer booth, will be around from October until December. Lan, Cody, Mikey, and myself put our heads together over dinner to create a conceptual design for our booth, which will be built right before everyone's eyes. If you plan to shop at the Eastland mall, make sure to stop in for whatever fits your fancy: our new outerwear line, suits for work, wedding attire, or our new Winter Formal or Prom selection! 

Tien Son House Calls

If you didn't already know, Tien Son will come to you at your business or house for your custom fitting. What's even better about our house calls is that in October a customer has offered to host a Tien Son party at her residence! This is not your everyday Avon or jewelry house call, because this will be done in Tien Son style with a Vietnamese twist. Be on the look out for more information! Schedule your free in-home or in-office consultation today. 

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