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This time around the interview is from me.

1) Describe any important details about yourself you want customers to know:

I am a major geek about all things culture, archaeology, psychology, books, and animals. I am applying for the United States Foreign Service (think ambassadors and embassies) within the next year as well as taking the GRE, working three jobs and two internships. Basically, I love being busy. I also hate mornings and adore sweets.

2) Why did you choose to work at Tien Son? What drew you to this particular company?

Lan has been a good friend of mine since our first plane ride to college, so I wanted to help her expand her business. I believe that Tien Son has great potential as a company and I thought the inventory on the website looked a lot better compared to some other ones I had looked at in the past (my grandfather loves all things suits, so I am a veteran tie buyer). Cody and Lan are wonderful people who bring a lot of energy and ideas that I was interested in, so I wanted to be a part of their growth.

3) How do you view your role in Tien Son? What is your job?

I write blog entries. My job is to give the audience tips on suits, promote Tien Son, and hopefully entertain people along the way. My particular brand of humor hopefully doesn’t have readers scratching their heads too much. I was always the child who asked “why” to everything, so I would like to think that what I bring to Tien Son is a fresh perspective and ideas based on constantly asking questions to get everyone thinking as well. I also like to be the member of the group that pushes the Vietnamese cultural aspect of the company; I attempt to put it in everything I write and want all our customers and readers to be as proud of this heritage as I am.

4) What is your favorite Tien Son product?

The Red Falling S Tie

5) Describe your personal suit style in three words. Why did you choose these particular words?

Bold, Classic and Tailored. I like colors that stand out paired with old-fashioned styles. I make sure that none of my suits are too tight or too lose, and fit exactly to my body type.

6) Why should people buy from Tien Son?

Tien Son is one of those companies that has extreme value in everything that we do, and that feeling is transmitted across to our customers. It is this sort of company that everyone should buy from in order to get great quality. The reasons why to buy from us are endless, but the only way to truly understand what Tien Son can offer is to buy a suit from us.

7) If Tien Son had a theme song what would it be?

"Photograph" cover by Daughtry and Santana. The high energy guitar, vocals, and slightly ironic lyrics remind me of the people working for Tien Son.

Our Traveling Tailor event is only three days away: make sure to come meet Cody, Allison, and myself at the Hampton Inn near the Evansville Regional airport August 25-26. Our next Tien Son Family Photograph Album entry is about Michael Armanno.
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