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Everyone at Tien Son is excited about the Fall Collection. Not only do we have a few new fabrics, but we have brand new inventory for your wearing enjoyment. 

We have expanded outside suits to include outerwear as well. Our 100% wool coats are available for both men and women in various colors. For women, coats come in blue, red, mustard yellow, black, green, and charcoal. For men we have black, charcoal, and gray. Our distinguished looking coats are guaranteed to turn heads, impress, and keep you warm. The coat style varies depending on your interests, but pea and bridge coats are very popular for fall. A bridge coat is similar to a pea coat but is longer, usually the length of one's thighs. 

The perfect addition to our new coats are winter scarves. Both men and women will enjoy our scarves made of a special wool blend in many different patterns and colors. We also have 100% silk ladies fashion scarves in various designs. Fashion scarves can really accentuate one of our suits.

Want to see all of these new items? Tien Son's website will have all the information you need! Head on over there to view all the new inventory.

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