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Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits has its own booth at Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana for the Holiday Season! To all of our faithful readers, this is your sneak peek into Lan, Cody, Mikey and my experience setting up our booth. Make sure to visit us and get your own custom tailored suit! As a reminder, we aren't just about suits, we can make custom tailored shirts and pants as well! We have special deals on new, up and coming products as well as everyone's favorite ties, cuff links, and pocket squares. Don't forget about our new scarves and overcoats for the winter season. 

Ultimate Christmas Gift this season: A custom tailored suit from Tien Son, paired with a custom tailored shirt and pants with a silk tie, new scarf and overcoat! 

Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits in the center of the mall! 

Christmas Decorations and wrapping anyone?  

Its fitting we are next to a jewelry store: on the way to buy that engagement ring, start looking at our custom tailored suits for your wedding!  

Our booth all lit up 

This will hold Calvin Klein's sister tie as well as our magazine articles. Mikey looks good in this feature picture too. 

Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits owners hard at work 

Our Custom Tailored Suits for Weddings (left) and everyday use (right) 

Preparation is key for proper displays

Cody and Mikey attempting to dress a manikin 

This carving was made especially for Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits 

I set up this display! 

I started working on this, Lan finished it for me. Ladies, these were made with you in mind!

Need a tie? We have plenty!

The Calvin Klein has the sister tie, made especially for him by Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits!

New tie inventory! 

Your Tien Son Custom Tailored Suit is waiting for you

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