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Winter is the cruelest season to clothes, and those chilling winds and gritty snowflakes will whip right through cheap polyester. Outfit yourself correctly, and you'll be able to calmly stroll through a snowstorm while smiling benignly at your ill-prepared coworkers dashing to their cars after work.

Custom-tailored 100% wool suit from Tien Son
100% wool should be your first defense against the chill. Unlike synthetic fabric, wool will insulate you against the cold and keep you warm even when it gets wet because of its ability to wick moisture away from the body and the tiny pockets between the fibers that retain warm air. Best of all, wool can be worn year-round, because it also retains cool air in the summer.

If you're worried about a bulky winter coat ruining the look of your suit, consider an overcoat. This classy coat can be worn over your suit jacket for a seamless, sophisticated look, and the extra length and large collar will shield you from harsh winds. Look for one that matches or complements your suit color and texture. You can choose your length and fabric if you order from Tien Son, and the interior is reinforced with extra-comfortable and warm padding.

Custom-tailored overcoat from Tien Son
Scarves protect the most cold-sensitive parts of your body, and you can wear them a variety of ways to suit your body-warming needs. You can even wear one over your face in a serious snow assault. Again, stick with wool for maximum warmth. Play around with colors and patterns for some added whimsy.

The popularity of wearing fedoras with casual clothing is somewhat puzzling, but a winter suit ensemble is actually an appropriate context for chic, traditional headwear. Also consider a neutral, wooly beanie or a tweed newsboy cap. Whatever style you prefer, keep it fairly neutral and classy so you don't look unbalanced, in an aesthetic or a mental sense.

You've got your top covered, but don't forget about your legs and your... you know. Long underwear might sound like something one should stop wearing after twelve years of age, but silk long underwear is extremely comfortable and practical, and won't cause your pant-legs to bunch. Consider trying it out this winter, and you may end up making it a regular part of your winter wardrobe.

Put all these elements together for maximum coziness. With your winter wardrobe complete, you might just start to wish for a late spring.

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