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Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Born February 17, 1981
in Los Angeles, California
Years Active: 1988-Present

Esquire's best-dressed man of 2012 was always a somewhat sassy heartthrob, even as a teenager in 3rd Rock from the Sun, but it was just recently that he's come into his own as a conspicuously adorable fashion icon.
Photo from Flight Ave

One of the most important principles he applies to his wardrobe is fit. He fully embraces his small stature and slim figure with tailored clothing and perfect hem lengths, making his outfits look amazingly sharp and composed. As a result, his height isn't even noticeable when he's on camera, and not just because gravity was broken a little in Inception.

Another aspect of his style that sets him apart is his fantastic grooming, especially in an era of patchy-bearded hipsters. His cleanly shaven face and perfectly coiffed hair look classy and effortless instead of finicky. He's the kind of guy you desperately want to be associated with. You can just tell that if you looked at his fingernails at any time of the day they would be completely clean and polished.

Finally, he isn't afraid to experiment with trends, and that's because he has a good foundation to start with. He knows what works for his body, and he always starts building his outfit with tailored pieces. So, if you want to take a page from his book, you'll want to start with some tailored basics, like a pair of custom pants and a basic sweater.

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