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Justin Timberlake
Born January 31, 1981
in Memphis, Tennessee
Years Active: 1992-present

Nowadays it's hard to recognize this pop mogul from his 'N Sync Days, but he's no less darling after trading his cherub hair and quintessential '90s wardrobe for a close cut and a closet full of slim, dark suits. In fact, I'm sure many would argue that he's much more so - just in a very different way.

Justin has not only left his fashion disaster past behind, but he's shown the world that three-piece suits aren't just for work - they're for play.

Before and after photo from The Berry
According to TLC, some of his fashion icons include Kate Moss, early Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Johnny Cash, all of whom (aside from Kate Moss, who seems to prefer denim or nudity) embraced the suit as a main fashion staple and used it as a medium to channel their confidence and sexiness.

What's notable about Justin's style compared to other pop stars is his flair for subtlety rather than flamboyance. He's more often than not in neutrals, particularly black, gray and white. His look is less about color and pattern and more about interplaying different geometric shapes and textures with finesse.

Photo from Who's Dated Who

I'm especially fond of the Details cover to the right, in which he pairs a sheer sweater with a black tie and white shirt. The look underneath is crisp and sharp, with clearly defined angles, but the layer on top is soft and effortless. It's a perfect combination that makes him look like he can give your father a firm, manly handshake and then turn around and hug your mother in one motion.

Take a leaf from this man's look book and you will not only look like the most hirable guy alive - you will win big points in the dating arena. And maybe someday you'll also have a clothing line, your own brand of tequila, and a golf course. Just maybe.

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